Custom Press-on Nails vs. Finished Nails vs. Nail Salon

What is a custom press-on nail piece?

As the name suggests, it is custom nail pieces that you can simply press them on to wear. Press-on nails are used to be limited only in short French manicures or certain extravagant floral designs. Well, everything has changed now. There are now more design available as more nail painting techniques become available and more interesting nail polish coming into the market, including glitter nail polish of all colors, lacquer and varnish nail polish.

There are plenty to choose from for your favorite decoration pieces: semi-precious gems, zircons, emeralds, artificial diamond, and cultured pearls. Some of them might come in with a hefty price tag, but there is one thing for sure: with some many choices which are quick, easy, and hassle-free, there is definitely one kind your heart desires.

Sometimes, these finished nails pieces bought from the drugstore could appear to be too bland, meaning that a more custom-made, handcrafted press-on nails could be more of your taste.

They are not made by the machine but rather handcrafted by a professional manicurist. It contains the same aesthetic beauty and wearing experience as visiting a nail shop to have an in-person full manicure service.

Different from the nail extension received at the local nail salon, however, custom press-on nail pieces can be used repeatedly

and frequently on various occasions because it is more convenient to change nail pieces during different events or for distinct clothing choices.

It is simple to press on nail pieces before work and to change to another set after events. Change up for a new appearance, switch over to a different mood, and get ready for a unique experience.

Damage to natural nails

If you are a frequent salon visitor, you might be worried about damaging your nails during the manicure process. The polish applied to the nail bed, particularly the glitter nail polish, could be so hard to remove that sometimes you need to use a chipper to peel it off along with some of your natural nails. In the end, you may need to apply some nail polish to cover up your natural nails, but you certainly receive damage during this kind of manicure service.

No more damaging to your natural nails if you use press-on nails along with sticker gel. Most of the sticker gel on the market can last for more than 5 days and it is very easy to remove and replace. Besides, it makes the press-on nail pieces 100% reusable. You can use the a mini kit contained in most of press-on nail packages, which is filled with glue, a buffer, file, cuticle pusher, and an alcohol prep pad. You can see detailed instructions here to wear or take-off press-on nails.

Applicable group of people

Custom press-on nails are suitable for a broader group of people. Due to the enormous amount of time required to do nails at local salon stores, many people have other daily duties to fulfill and cannot easily squeeze up enough time to enjoy decoration on their nails. In particular, the dynamic social roles imposed on modern-day women effectively deprive us of the capacity to change our own styles and adapt to our new selves.

Custom press-on nails solve the time-commitment problem for users, including office workers, pregnant and nursing mothers. Simply measure your nail size, submit it online, and you can wait for the shipment and your bespoke nail experience.

Finished press-on nails vs. custom press-on nails

Differing from custom press-on nails, finished press-on nails are manufactured by machine and shipped directly from factory. They are not as expensive and of OK quality as long as some kind of quality-control procedure is in place. Some of them do not appear to be cheap or fake and can successfully emulate or exceed the quality received in nail salon store.

Its shortcomings are as obvious as its advantages. Due to the mass-production nature of finished nail pieces, they do not share the same level of complexness or intricacy as that of handcrafted press-on nail pieces.

There are patterns, layers, motifs, paintings, plaster texture or sculpture style that require a skilled professional nail artists hours to complete one single nail piece due to the high trial-and-error rate. It is even more complicated to have the ten nail pieces painted in the same, consistent artistic style.

As to some press-on nails with unique design, it could take one full-day for a nail artists to complete painting and decoration for one single nail set of 10 pieces. The nail design is complicated, nail gel application is multi-layered, and the nail polish painting process requires many steps of trial-and-errors. It is an unimaginable task to complete in the local nail salon as manicure professionals cannot spend the amount of time on one single customer.


If you enjoy ready-to-make nails and the social atmosphere in your local nail salon store, then the in-person manicure service is definitely your choice. Although it could be expensive and time-consuming, It has no size-fitting issue and you can have your nails done within 2 hours. The biggest drawback is it can cause damage to your nail bed in the long run.

If you don’t like nail salon, your should try the finished press-on nails. You may need to sand or buffer each of the nail pieces because they only come with overall size and each individual nail piece could be varying compared to your natural nails. However, it is easy and fun to wear, to take off. Besides, you don’t need to worry about nail damage.

Custom press-on nails are the best of them all. There is no size-fitting issue as each nail piece is custom-fit to each of your natural nail. It is handcrafted with attention to the smallest detail. It is as beautiful as what you receive at manicure nail store, but not as expensive. The only drawback is that it requires additional crafting time than the finished press-on nails because custom-made nails are not mass-produced and directly shipped from factories.

But everything beautiful is worth waiting for.

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