Designer Collection of Nail Art, Nucleus

Partnering with 7 nail artists coming from 8 different cultural and academic background to tell their own stories, we proudly present you the Nucleus nail collection, the flagship collection of Cozvous.

Passion, equality, creativity, and freedom. For Cozvous Nucleus Designer Nail Collection, these four words define our commitment to artistic expression and aesthetic experience. Our designers believe artistic experience stems from a pursuit of passionate equality and free creativity.


Creativity is the bespoke user experience from conceptualization to realization. Our designers take concepts as abstract as time and space to encapsulate on materials as tiny as fingernails.


Equality is the disappearing difference between designers and audience, artists and critique, embodying and embracing the multi-facets of desire and instincts. Through designer nails as the perfect medium, we invite you to work hand-in-hand with us.


Passion allows persistence in skills and creativity in style. Passionate about life and art itself, our designers create this Nucleus Designer Nail Collection with singular creation of emotions bursting out.


Freedom is the empowerment of users to interpret with imagination, to present with splendour, and to fulfil with own will. In this nail collection, freedom is the unimpeded communication between creators and audience, collectively, conquering normalities and conventions.

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