We Design Nails for Your Special Occasions.

A special occasion coming up. It could be an engagement party, a wedding, a class reunion, birthday party, valentine party, any formal/informal event, and you want to be at your best. After picking your perfect dress, the most adorable shoes, your favourite set of jewelry, you start to make an appointment at your hair salon place. But how about your nails? You want your style to be perfect for the occasion. It should be impressive, elegant, but not too much bourgeoisie.

Wear Cozvous Press-on designer nails, and be whoever you want to become.

If you are looking for designer press-on nails that are glamorous and stylish, please feel free to enjoy more stunning nail design from the Nucleus Collection, coming with the highest creativity passion from our designer team.

To explore the possibilities of contemporary art and the multi-faceted beauty within, we also offer the Element Collection for press-on nails of different style and wearing in different occasions. Easy to wear, take off, and carry on your various activities.

Custom Press-on Nail Service

If you are looking for press-on nails that not only stand out, but also loyally reflect your lifestyle and taste, please contact us for our specialized designer team and nail design services - Cozvous Season. We look forward to working with you to design the nail set designated only for your unique need and style. We believe every nail set can be deemed as a statement to be made, expression to be evoked, style to be memorized. We provide the bespoke nail experience for you.

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