How to File Nail Properly

We believe nail art, like all other art forms, serves to strike a message bridging between creators and their audience. As a new-emerging nail art boutique brand, Cozvous presents a perspective, equally materialistic and spiritual, bourgeoisie and tranquil. We ensure consistency in design and conceptual spirit with bespoke variations in expression and execution.

First, Choose the Right Nail File

The first step is to choose to right nail file for your natural nails and press-on nails as well. It is crucial for you to look at the grade grit of nail file. Remember, the lower the grit number, the coercer the file is. To file nails, you need a grit grade around 240 to shape both natural nails and press-on nails. However, you need to look out for coercer file, for example any file lower than 180, could become problematic to your nails. For every Cozvous designer nails, we provide you with a complete nail kit, containing everything you need.

Second, No Sawing

A common mistake in filing nails properly is to file nails back and forth in a sawing motion. It might feel like sawing is the quickest method to get your nails done, but it is never the case. Sawing your natural nails or press-on nails is not only counterproductive, but also put your nails at risk of damaging, splintering or breakage. 

Third, File Nails to Right Size

Each of our Cozvous designer nails is handmade and crafted so that it is custom-fit according to the unique size given by the user. Once arrived, the designer nail piece can be simply pressed on to your finger nail without any sizing issue. We promise a full refund or exchange (of your choosing) shall these kind of mistakes happen to you.

In some circumstances where our users find the mistake to be very minimal and a small adjustment can make the press-on nails better fit, you can simply file the press-on nails by yourself. Instead of sawing back and forth, you can file each side of the nail separately and only in one direction.

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