Cozvous Designer Nail Limited Collection 2021

During a business trip through Europe, we were delayed at Villingen (Schwarzwald) station due to the weather. Around the locomotive station lines a number of residential buildings and local stores. Walking under the starry road light in the midst of snow-covered Black Forest was truly a different experience.

Feeling immersed in the dark blue atmosphere with centuries-old buildings looming in the dark, one of our designers drew a rough outline to present her conceptualization of the snowy night in the dark forest.

Against the matte-texture background are the layers of gold foil and spotting white relief, representing the horizon line separating the forest and the night sky and the gentle town light reflected within. The pre-Christmas atmosphere invites the embedding of motifs such as elk antlers and sceptre. The mysterious Black Forest covered in silky snow shower no longer appear to be dangerous, but glimmering with home-like inviting tone, just like feathery wings comfortably wrapping everything under its glittering golden sparkle.

We proudly invite you to a transformative journey to break free from gravity and the chain of possibilities. We hope you will enjoy our Cozvous Nucleus limited collection - Sparkle in Schwarzwald as much as we enjoyed the night Schwarzwald.

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