Cozvous, Dedicated Nail Design Artists

At Cozvous, we specialize in ready-to-wear designer custom press-on nail. We believe nails to be a natural extension of body and nail arts an aesthetic expression of self.

Our mission is twofold: to change the perception of nail art industry, and to empower nail artists by supporting their self-expression (both aesthetic and political).

Driven by passion and talent in fashion and nail arts, we strive to connect artists and audience, emotions and artworks. On one hand, we feature narratives of nail artists and professionals in fashion industry to showcase the unique perspectives. One the other hand, we provide bespoken user experience and unique aesthetic enjoyment to celebrate creativity and ingenuity.

We also invest in the nail design process, support local artist community, and partner with research institution to bring out (cutting-edge) high-quality nail materials. Our press-on nails are reusable and 100% handcrafted.

It takes users less than 5 minutes to put on, and the taking-off is equally simple and comfortable. We guarantee there will be no damaging to the natural nails during the wearing and taking-off process. The e toxic-free nail gel and materials we use is safe to wear during pregnancy.

Please feel free to see what we can offer: the Nucleus Nail Collection, Element Nail collection, and Season Nail Design Service.

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