Elegant. Empathetic. Liberated.


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Underneath her perfect
grooming and reserve overflow the ferocious desire, tinkering, and yearning to unleash.

Toxic-Free | Cruelty-Free | Handmade | Bespoke 


Exquisite marble pattern epitomizes the multi-facets of feminine elegance purity in the almond white, grandeur in semi-transparent amber, and implacableness in the milky splash.

Dogmatism calls for the constraint of passion, but the true wielder of freedom finds value in its fulfillment.

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Beneath a calm cover, rules can hardly constrain overflowing passion, tinkering, and yearning to get out, embodying the central theme in this piece. 

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The aroma of an autumn afternoon

Lightweight and irresistible, the elegant fusion of almond white and transparent amber epitomizes the aroma of an autumn afternoon.

The top of the modest plain color is strung with milky pearl, transitioning with an enthusiastic splash. 

Nail art_ press-on nail_fashion nail_coz
2020-1201-美甲 东 朱琳28336.jpg
Nail art_ press-on nail_fashion nail_cozvous nail_Wedding nails_False Nails_Glue On Nails _Bridal nails.jpg

This collection presents a conscious elegance where every special feeling and story is displayed.