christmas press-on coffin nail design, long acrylic nail art
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 To experience Fluidity from a Singular Touch.

Handcraft to service the Artistic Vision. 

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Working with talented artists in assorted design industries across the globe, we proudly present our award-winning boutique press-on nail line - Nucleus along with the basic line - Element, all catering to your various demands. 


Our prized bespoke nail design service - Season offers sensational experiences tailoring to your  taste and style.


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Cozvous Press-on Gel Nail Collections

Cozvous specializes in ready-to-wear handcraft nail sets with a difference. With the point, line, and surface combined with bold artistic narrative, the traditionally established 3-dimensional space-time is audaciously extended into encompassing the external human aspect that can effortlessly span across time and culture.


We celebrate designers’ ingenuity by bringing their creations in front of the audience from resonating common ground.


We devote to handmade artworks as aesthetic and unique design can only be loyally realized through our crafters’ hands.


We specialize in bespoke nail experiences to reciprocate understanding through our customizable user journey.


We are committed to a sustainable artist community. All nail sets are reusable and capable of resisting normal tear and wear.

winter acrylic press-on nail with white shadowy line, dark blue pattern,and coffin shape


Memory is inherited, feeling formed, and identity cast.

Applying delicate brushstrokes and open composition to depict light in its changing qualities, this inkjet painting portrays the passage of time during a bleak winter on the barren landscape.


Underneath her perfect grooming and reserve overflows a ferocious desire.

Exquisite marble pattern epitomizes the multi-facets of feminine elegance and purity in the almond white, grandeur in semi-transparent amber, and implacableness in the milky splash.

valentine acrylic press-on nail with coffin shape almond color and luxury style
floral-pattern acrylic press-on nail with vintage nail art design and matte texture


Love liberates, it does not bind us.

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythos, a mysterious matte texture is drawn in contrast against a flickering shadowy background. Watercolor roses and pomegranate flowers are crossed starkly by thorny wire in a bleak color-graduation scheme.

We Transcend Materials To Invigorate Creativity & Ingenuity
  • Poetically, Cozvous harmonizes disconnections like a kaleidoscope, fusing fragments as distinct as radiant sunlight to solemn moonlight.

  • Symbolically, we adopt culturally valuable elements, balancing between material and spiritual, equally tranquil and bourgeoisie.

  • Collectively, we enrich new dialogues to see more of the world round us.

  • Resolutely, we innovate medium to liberate perception beyond convention.

 - Katie H. - 

“This was my first order and I'm obsessed with the design and quality now! The application was easy and I love the variety of options. I'm now expecting more collections of Cozvous Nucleus.”